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Leasing Services in conjunction with PMG Realty Corp.

At Prime Real Estate Group, our clients benefit from having our exclusive attention on their properties. We offfer the services of PMG Reatly Corp and Christie Weir, Broker of Record, an experienced leasing specialist who has 25 years of experience leasing commercial, retail, and medical properties.

What We’ll Do For You

  • Establish property management meetings for enhanced communication and accountability
  • Supply a property evaluation including area demographics and local market conditions
  • Build strategic marketing plan, including merchandising and leasing budget

Each property we deal with receives individual focus not typically found when retaining outside brokers.

You'll be able to leverage our well-established industry relationships, experience, and extensive history of successful lease negotiations for the best possible return on your investment.

Why Prime Real Estate?

  • Full Service Solution - Leasing, Operations, and Accounting
  • Flexible, Affordable Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs
  • Experienced, Dedicated Team Who Will Invest in Your Success

If using leasing services in conjunction with our real estate brokerage division sounds great to you, contact us today!

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