accounting & reporting

Accounting & Reporting

We here at Prime Real Estate Group understand the importance of accounting and reporting when it comes to managing properties. That’s why we supervise the management and administration of all aspects of accounting and financial services.

What We’ll Do For You

  • Assist in annual budgets and financial planning
  • Provide timely financial reporting 
  • Prepare all annual property statements
  • Handle all billings to tenants
  • Effective cash management

Our primary goal is to keep your best interests in mind, and we fulfill that goal by constantly monitoring your accounts to put complete, comprehensive, and timely information in your hands.

Our financial reports are designed to help you maximize profits. We'll provide accurate, detailed, easy-to-understand financial reports that give you the power to make informed and effective budget decisions. And we'll make sure the management reporting and accounting transition is smooth and transparent.

We'll also include related reports and information to give you the clearest possible property overview, along with a comparative analysis of the previous report period.

Why Prime Real Estate?

  • Full Service Solution - Leasing, Operations, and Accounting
  • Flexible, Affordable Services Tailored to Your Unique Needs
  • Experienced, Dedicated Team Who Will Invest in Your Success

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